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For your information:

Coronary artery disease
Damage or disease in the heart's major blood vessels.
High blood pressure
A condition in which the force of the blood against the artery walls is too high.
Cardiac arrest
Sudden, unexpected loss of heart function, breathing, and consciousness.
Congestive heart failure
A chronic condition in which the heart doesn't pump blood as well as it should.
Improper beating of the heart, whether irregular, too fast, or too slow.
Peripheral artery disease
A circulatory condition in which narrowed blood vessels reduce blood flow to the limbs.
Damage to the brain from interruption of its blood supply.
Congenital heart disease
An abnormality in the heart that develops before birth.

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Dines C Das, MD is a Cardio Pulmonary specialist and Internal Medicine physician. He is involved in medical practice for the best part of his adult life.He is practicing medicine in the United States for over 25 years.

Dines Das is a Board Certified physician and has advanced his education and training in the United States.He did his residency at Toledo Hospital in Ohio, USA his fellowship at University of Miami,School of Medicine and at Howard university, USA.

Dr,Das is an experienced Internal Medicine-Pulmonary Diseases  specialist and is on staff at the Osceola Regional and Florida Hospital in Kissimmee,FL,USA.

His medical practice office Osceola Cardio Pulmonary Clinic is located in Kissimmee, FL,USA 

His practice includes:

1.CARDIOLOGY : Non-Invasive Cardiology including all Doppler studies and Nuclear Cardiology
2.PULMONARY : All Pulmonary Diseases
3.INTERNAL MEDICINE : Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Diabetes Mellitus etc.